USS Shiloh Tour

The Bridge of the USS Shiloh

Stellar Cartography
It contains a large wraparound holographic wall screen which could display a stellar region three dimensionally. There are a series of control panels to manipulate the screen. The area below the screen and in front of the control panels can be used as a stage during presentations. Astrometrics also includes three workstations on the side wall.

The heart of the Shiloh

Captain's Ready Room
The Shiloh's Commander's Office

CO's & XO's Quarters
Where the CO and XO reside

Crew Quarters
Bunking Situations for Officers, Enlisted, and Guests/VIPs

Sick Bay
Medical Facilities aboard the Shiloh

Transporter Room
Transporter Facilities available through the Vessel

Where Marine Capts. Linn and Vala usually are located off hours, Courtesy of Lt. McKay.